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Baby Registry

What to Put on Your Registry

I remember standing there with a registry gun in the baby aisle and hearing two women shopping for a shower gift complaining "I can't believe how much junk there is for a baby!"
It's true! I am personally a minimalist and a very pragmatic woman so my recommendation is going to be based on that. You can use the registry opportunity to get the "cute", "fun" stuff too!


  1. Bottles - Don't bother getting a large giftset because your baby may not like the nipple& bottle you select. Better to buy or register for single bottles to sample and your baby will let you knw which ones to get more of. The ones I recommend are: Playtex Drop Ins, MAM, Dr. Brown, Breastflow. The others I heard were good but did not try: Gerber Nuk, Born Free, Avent. I've read thousands of reviews and tried many varieties so hopefully I've narrowed it down for you. I'm not a fan of the nipples that "collapse" so the ones I've recommended usually don't collapse during feeding. (See My "Bottle Review" Article)
  2. Bottle Brush
  3. Nursing Pillow - I recommend registering for both Boppy and BrestFriend
  4. Bibs - I like the Gerber Waterproof kinds for the first 3-6 months
  5. Nursing Cover
  6. Breast Pump (See Breastfeeding Blog)
  7. Burp Cloth - It's more like a glorified hand towel. They are definitely cute and fun to register for, but you can basically use any towel.
I didn't register or buy the following, but you may find it convenient -
  • Bottle warmer (I just used very hot water in a mug, especially with Playtex Drop Ins)
  • Bottle Drying Rack (I just used a colander)
Baby Care
  1. Pacifiers - I didn't actually use pacifiers, but I hear NUK is a good brand
  2. Rattles - Toys are always fun as gifts!
  3. Teethers
  4. Nail Clippers - I actually just used a small adult nail clipper but you go with what you are comfortable with b/c you will need to cut fingernails 2x a week!
  5. Brush & Comb
  6. Anal Thermometer - They are the same as adult but shorter. You can use a regular thermometer and mark 1 1/2 inches in length so you dont go in too deep. Books recommend taking temperature anally for better accuracy
  7. Humidifier - This one is important if your baby is born in around wintertime and your heater dries up the air
  8. Baby Monitor - You can get the audio version or ones with video. I originally got the audio version but now that I am moving baby to his own room and crib, video will give me better piece of mind especially when they make noises and you can't tell whether it's while they are sleeping or awake.
  9. Nasal Aspirator - Hospitals usually provide this (It's the bulb looking thing where you suck boogers out) I highly recommend buying Saline Spray as well where you can get them at any store (ie. Target). It's hard to get boogers out without the Saline Spray (The brand I use is Stuffy Noses)
  1. Bath Tub - I got the Fisher Price "Whale of a Tub" which is adjustable with newborns and older. It had great reviews, and especially because newborns won't slide down.
  2. Wash Cloths
  3. Hooded Bath Towel - I have yet to use these.  The hooded bath towels seemed thinner and rougher so I would get the thicker, softer kinds - otherwise use your regular bath towels because that's what I ended up using.
  1. Body Wash
  2. Shampoo
  3. Lotion
  4. Rash Ointment
  5. Detergent - I recommend Dreft
Always buy non-perfume. You don't need baby powder or baby oil. Many books explain why.
Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Johnson & Johnson wash (we only use the shampoo) 
We use Burt's Bee Milk Bath (Expensive but great for sensitive skin), used it because it was a gift from my shower and been a fan ever since!

Diapering & Accessories
  1. Diapers - You will go through diapers like water so yes, put this one the registry! I liked Pampers over Huggies because they were easier to open. I recommend the sensitive kinds and the ones with the stripe that tells you when the diaper is wet.
  2. Baby Wipes - Get the sensitive kinds!
  3. Diaper Bag
  4. Changing Mat - This is a fold-out mat you put in the diaper bag
  5. Diaper Pail - I'm a big fan of the Diaper Genie Elite
  6. Diaper Pail Refills
Baby Gear
  1. Infant Carseat - I would get the ones that are both carseat and carrier where you can put on a stroller frame.
  2. Additional Car Seat Base
  3. Baby Sling - Bjorn is pretty popular, especially for dads. I like slings like Hug-a-bub & Moby which are very different than the slings that are on recall.
  4. Bouncer / Rocker - It's great when you need to put the baby somewhere so you can do housework when they are awake.
  5. Stationary Entertainer - Very similar to a playmat
  6. Swing
  7. Bumbo Chair - Great when they learn to sit up around 4 months
  8. Head Support - I'm a big fan of the snuzzler which I put in the carseat
  9. Stroller - I recommend getting a regular stroller and a frame (where you can put the baby carrier/car seat in). The reason is because regular stroller is heavy and a pain to lift in and out of the car yourself. (Usually descriptions will show weight of stroller - Around 17 - 30 lbs! Unless you get the Peg Perego Strollers)
1. Co-Sleeper/Bassinet (And the Fitted Sheets)
Since newborns need to be feed every 2-3 hours, you want easy access to your baby.
Another room will feel like it's a mile away, so a convenient option is to get a co-sleeper, pack n play or bassinet. You can buy these new, put it on your registry, or buy used (just wash the fabric)
Arm's Reach Co Sleeper is pretty convenient. There's a mini cosleeper version (Which is the one I used). It's small and versatile but doesn't include a diaper changer
Pack N Play is also very popular but takes more room. It usually comes with a diaper changer. You can later use the play pen for naps when they are older, but dont expect them to "play" in it, some babies don't like to be confined.
Bassinet is pretty much the same thing as the Co Sleeper, but sometimes you can get the rocking kind.
2. Crib & Crib Mattress (And the Fitted Sheets)
Invest in a good crib and check the recall website. I recommend "Made in USA" cribs that are really HEAVY and STURDY. I didn't get an organic mattress but I did get organic crib sheets. If your mattress isn't waterproof, be sure to get a waterproof mattress pad.
3. Crib Sheet Set
I didn't get a "set" although I spent many hours looking, I never found one I really liked. I just got a really nice crib skirt with a matching valance. The fitted sheet were separate and just got different cute baby blankets. You'll want to get multiple blankets and fitted sheets.
4. Mattress Pad
Even if your mattress is waterproof, it's nice to make the bed just a tad softer.
4. Dresser / Changing Table
I'm a 2-for-1 type of person especially if it saves me space so I recommend a dresser with a changing table on top. Getting a separate changing table without storage is just a waste of space!
5. Glider / Rocker
6. Blankets
7. Sheet Savers
These are little water proof pads where you can lie them on the diaper change pad or anywhere you change the diaper or want to waterproof.
8. Changing Table Pad & Covers
9. Crib Mobile
10. Swaddle Blankets
Do not just get the "Swaddlemes". I really like swaddlemes, but you really need learn how to swaddle with a regular blanket because the "Swaddlemes" will not be tight enough - Get the Cotton Flannel and Cotton Knits. These are also known as receiving blankets. You can use them as light blankets later on. (See the DVD "Happiest Baby on The Block" and you'll know why)
11. Baby Hangers
12. Sleep Positoners
I actually didn't use or buy these. You can roll up 2 swaddle blankets and wedge it between each side.

1. Baby Mittens
2. Baby Socks
3. Baby Cap
4. Sleep Gowns
These are usually long sleeve that have a long bottom. Sleep gowns can either have an opening at the bottom or closed off. I recommend the ones with buttons on front (also called convertible sleep gowns) because they are a lot easier to put on than the sleep gowns without buttons in the front and I layer it with a onesie. Another type of sleep gown is the Halo Sleep Sack.
5. Onesies (Body Suits)
I am a big fan of onesies (also known as bodysuits), my baby lives in these! I recommend the long sleeve onesies with mittens. Get a bunch of onesies that are short and long sleeve. These can be worn underneath the cute outfits! You may also want to register for footed body suits where the foot is covered as well.
Lots of people are going to get you NB (Newborn) sizes and they grow so fast that they may never get around to wearing it or maybe only once! So be sure to register for BIGGER sizes like 3-6 months and up.

  • Nap Nanny
  • Crib Wedge
  • Itzbeen Timer

More Information to Come...


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