Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparing For Baby

No matter how much you prepare, nothing will fully prepare you.
You may also feel overwhelmed at the "stuff" you have to get and all the "things" you have to know in addition to what you can and cannot do while pregnant.
My advice is to make a list divided up by months. For each month, list out major items you want to try to tackle. I didn't say "finish", I said "tackle." It's ok if you don't finish.

Here are a few major things you should include in your list

1. Car Seat Installation Safety Check
Most people install incorrectly and it's worth having it checked for free.
For local bay area, I recommend MILPITAS police station.
Make an appointment (Officer Kraft) and it's free

2. Register for Classes
You'll probably forget most everything you learn in these classes, but at least it will give you a sense of what to expect. You can use these classes to ask questions as well.

3. Learn to Swaddle
Take the time to learn to swaddle before the baby comes.
You can learn by watching a video or taking a class. Use a doll for real hands-on practice.

4. Freeze Prepared Food
If you dont have anyone that will be cooking you healthy meals 2-4 weeks, you should prepare food you can freeze in the freezer and easily heat up.

5. Set up the Room
Wherever you plan to have the baby the first few months, whether its her own room or your room, make sure you have it set up. This includes where you plan to change the baby's diaper and all the diapering equipment. I recommend having diapers, kleenex, wipes, diaper genie readily available. You may also want to add a few extra trash cans in the room for ease of throwing away things.

6. Set up Auto-Payments / Pay Major Bills
Once your baby arrives, the last thing you want to be doing is paying bills.
Make sure major bills like Auto, home, etc. are paid in advance or you can set up auto payments online.

Other Tips & Suggestions
Yoga Balls - They help relieve pressure, you can even bring it to the delivery room


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