Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bottle Reviews

We were one of those "lucky" parents who got to try almost every bottle out on the market.
I was warned not to get a gift set and that it would be the baby who decides which bottle. Intuitively, we decided to register for a giftset of the bottle review we liked the best - big mistake. You may luck out and your baby will take any bottle - be thankful. But just in case, you have been warned - the baby decides which bottle.

The key is to find the right flow and latch.
For breast feeding babies, I recommend a wide based nipple and latex.
The ones I highly recommend: Playtex Drop Ins, Dr. Browns, BreastFlow

Below is my review based on the personal experience we had:

Tommee Tippee - This is the first bottle we used starting within the first month he was born (We got the entire gift set). It is easy to clean and doesn't have too many parts. Compared to other silicone nipples, it was one of the hardest but it didn't seem too difficult for baby to latch. However, we found the nipple to collapse which was quite annoying. After 6 weeks of drinking from it, he rejected the bottle.

BreastFlow - Baby played with nipple at first, not sure what to do with it, and then was able to suck from it. Worked for a week then refused the bottle. From reviews, most breastfed babies will take this bottle. I like the fact that milk only comes out when the baby sucks, which is more natural. The downside to these bottles is that it has many parts and extra milk might go to waste because it gets stuck between the two nipples. It would have been worth the effort but baby struggled and refused the bottle.

Dr. Browns - We tried the regular silicone nipple (not the wide based nipple). This nipple by far is the softest based on our blindfolded feel of all the nipples listed on this review. It was actually softer than the latex nipples. I really liked how it does not have negative pressure in the bottle while baby sucks whereas other bottles did. Based on a lot of reviews, it helps reduce air swallowed. My baby was able to latch on the nipple, but continued to swallow air. The ironic thing is the air he swallowed was actually harder to burp out so I went on to try other bottles. The main downside is that there a many parts to clean. It might have leaked a few times but not enough to complain about - it's all about assembling properly. It would be nice if the measurement markings were in a different color as well. However, for a majority of babies, I highly recommend this bottle, especially if your baby chokes while drinking. It worked for my niece.

Playtex Drop Ins - My friend had given me this bottle because she had gone through many bottles. She was one of them that had warned me about not buying an entire giftset. I never gave it a second thought when she gave it to me. It looked cheap and complicated. Thank goodness I didn't throw it away. It remains my favorite because the latex nipple is soft and he took to it right away. It is one of the few bottles that has latex nipples. It really mimics and supports the swallowing pattern. It is easy to wash - very few parts and quick to warm up using a hot glass of water. I don't like the fact that you throw away the liner every time but does make cleaning up easy AND there was never any issue of negative pressure. With a few easy burps, we didn't have too much issue with him swallowing air. We used this bottle the longest and eventually switched again. The reasons were that the slow flow was too slow and fast was too fast. He wouldn't take the silicone versions. Then when I went to buy extra slow flow nipples (From and BabysRus) to poke extra holes, I kept getting bad defective nipples where they were streaming out instead of dripping. I eventually called Playtex and they gave me coupons to replace them but I don't have the luxury of buying 50 nipples to find one good one. So we decided to switch. Again, it's by far my favorite so I highly recommend this bottle.

MAM - I tried this bottle after many failed attempts with others. It came highly recommended with all the reviews I could find in multiple feedback forums. The nipple is very easy to latch on. However, it seemed difficult for my baby to suck. It was one of the few bottles we tried and after a few sucks, there was a lot of negative air pressure and he had to wait for the pressure to release (bubbles) in order to suck more milk. Many people rave about MAM and I almost did as well, but we seemed to have better luck with other bottles. It is very stylish with easy to read measurement markings. However, it did have multiple parts to clean and it is harder to warm because the wall of the bottle is thicker and since the base is wide, it is hard to put in bottle warmer.

Gerber First Essential - This bottle is the cheapest, plainest and most simple out on the market. Yet, it worked for us. This is the bottle we used after we gave up on Playtex Drop Ins. It has a latex nipple, again one of the few out in the market. Its uniqueness is the 3-hole nipple which makes sense because breast nipples have more than one duct. It has very few parts to clean and there is absolutely nothing fancy about this bottle. It does have negative air pressure that builds up and releases air bubbles but it didn't seem to majorly disrupt the feeding. It included a medium flow nipple for 4 months and older so we didn't consider using it until he was at that age. It does fit Dr. Brown parts, however, for some reason the antic colic components never really worked with our baby so we just kept it plain. For those that use Medela Pumps, it is compatible and you can pump right into the bottle.

Ones we did not try and hope we do not have to try:
Avent, Adiri, Born Free, Gerber Nuk


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