Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Additional Mommy Tips

Getting Boogers Out
You will need both an aspirator and saline solution.
I recommend the saline spray by Little Noses which can be found at retail stores such as Target.
Spray it into the nostril, squeeze the air out of the aspirator before inserting into nostril, then release to suck in.
Updated Tip: Get the NOSE FRIDA.  It puts regular or any nose bulbs/aspirator to shame. Funky to use, but it WORKS, I guarantee it and Amazon sells it!

Washing Baby Clothes
Use the "2nd Rinse/Double Rinse" Feaeture on your washing machine
Keep the detergent consistent and use a perfume-free sensitive detergent like Dreft.
Baby skin is prone to eczema and other skin irritants.

Google is your Best Friend
There were many times I wanted to just pick up the phone and call my pediatrician but instead of calling 100 times every time I panicked, I turned to google. It's amazing what you can find. You can type in things like "how to treat a plugged duct", "how do I know if baby is eating enough", "newborn stool color" and so on and so forth. It's such a huge comfort to know many other parents out there facing the same problems and asking the same questions.
(By all means, please contact your pediatrician when you have questions or concerns.)

Amazon is your other Best Friend
Get Amazon Prime (Cancel when trial period over) and you can get practically anything shipped for free within 2 business days. We got better deals on diapers and a lot of other supplies we needed through Amazon. The UPS man was making daily trips to our house for quite some time.
Updated Tip: Sign up for AMAZON MOM! Free 2-day shipping, low prices, no tax - you cannot beat it!
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