Friday, November 9, 2007


Downtown is crazy busy with SMOG everywhere, especially in the morning.
Kao got pretty good haggling with the hungry taxi drivers here.
It's strange how Giza Pyramid, a complete dessert land, is just a short drive from the bustling downtown.

Luxor is much more relaxed and catered to visitors.
The trade off is that everyone relies on tourists and hassle you with great diligence. The keyword to use is "MAYBE LATER", otherwise, they will follow you for a mile asking you to take a boat ride for a dollar.
Temples and ruins here definitely beat all Greek ruins (including the Parthenon) HANDS DOWN - They are much older, better preserved and MORE impressive.
Oh, and we were one of the first visitors to see the actual King Tut body....!

If you are into ancient ruins, I would advise you to visit Greece first since the ruins in Egypt tend to more intact.

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Unknown said...

Your Egypt as described by you sounds great. I plan on go there in 2010 or 2011. How do you think childern will fare in this country? In 2011 my childern will be 9 and 15.

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