Saturday, December 24, 2011

Remodeling Tips: Vendors we used

Mirror and Shower Door: Los Gatos Glass
We tried 2 other vendors, one being the other highly yelp rated Cambrian Glass.  They were not better in price or customer service.  Doug is fantastic.  We have provided a yelp review.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Renovation & Remodeling: Where to Buy

For those doing small remodeling, updates or taking on major renovations, here are some advice on where to purchase things:

These are great showroom places to see actual products
Faucets and Plumbing Fixtures
  • The Kitchen & Bath Showplace (1200 Campbell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126) - LARGE SHOWROOM!
  • ADC - A Fine Kitchen & Bath Showroom (1264 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128) - Showroom not as large as Kitchen & Bath Showplace (Now out of business as of Nov 2011)
  • Tubz (Huge Tub Showroom) 4840 Davenport Pl, Fremont, CA 94538
These are places we actually purchased from
  • Amazon: - Gotta love Amazon especially with PRIME (2 day FREE shipping!)
  • Lighting Universe:
  • Lighting Showplace:
  • Homeperfect: Great prices if you know EXACTLY what you want (Returning and cancelling is a bitch - Actually there is no such thing as cancelling with these guys but given they had the best price and delivered product as described we ordered a bulk of our items through this place including stainless steel sink, grohe faucets, etc.)
  • Glass Tile Oasis:

- Allegro - Did not have a good shopping experience

Word of Advice:
Brick and Mortar with knowledgeable staff maybe willing to price match or provide discounts to stay competitive with online or "big box" (Home Depot/Lowes) places.  I am a big proponent of supporting such places.  However, in the case that you know exactly what you want and price is key, then online is a convenient way to go.  Be aware and READ the return policies using online stores.

 A quick an easy way to price compare online is to use > enter your product >  click "Shopping" and it will show you a list of stores with their total prices.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I've Dreaded: Baby Getting Sick

I'm glad I was able to put off daycare until our little guy turned 10 months.
Sure enough, in the second week, he caught a cold.
I expected him to get sick at daycare, but week 2?
Well, it is cold/flu season being February.

Luckily, I would classify it as minor.
It started with a few coughs then Friday, it seemed his nose started running.
Armed with a saline spray and kicking the humidifier on high at night and during naps, and elevating him with a pillow a couple of nights...the cold didn't seem to bother him too much.
He didn't drink very well with the bottle one time because his nose was stuffed.
Other than that, he was active, ate and slept well.
By Monday, he seemed fine.
His cough and runny nose dramatically decreased.

I was thinking we were in the clear, then that Friday, his nose started running again.
Luckily, I ordered the nosefrida which had arrived during the week.

This weekend was the same as last, EXCEPT, his nose was more stuffed so he didn't drink as much milk.
He ate well and still slept well during naps and slept through the night.
HOWEVER, it took him forever to nap! Once he was down, he would sleep well...but the process to get him to sleep was EXHAUSTING!  He would fuss in the bjorn and it to add to the mess, it was nasty weather outside so we were trapped almost all weekend!  My arm was so sore on Sunday!  His naps were way later than the usual - near 11am and 5pm!  I really can't tell whether his difficulty napping is linked to his cold, I'm sure it is in some way.

Damn the rainy, cold weather!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.....Calming down.....
Again, with no fever, I should be thankful.

It's Sunday now.  Before his 2nd nap, I turned on the shower because our humidfier is way too slow, a tip I got on the internet.
I could hear him breathing through his nose within 5 minutes....
I was going to run out an buy vicks vapor rub but read somewhere that it could do more breathing damage.
Price of the hot water might have cost me the same.  Though, I hated seeing all that water go to waste.
Gotta figure out how to dual-purpose that next time....
Hopefully, he gets better by tomorrow...fingers crossed...fingers crossed

The main thing I'm most puzzled by is:
I can't tell whether he got a new cold or if it's the same cold coming in waves???

And with this daycare being so small (total of 6) - should I be upset?
It is cold/flu season. 
Hopefully, he gets better by tomorrow...fingers crossed...fingers crossed

Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Poop?

Another challenge that I was not mentally prepared for: Constipation
Nothing like waking up and the first thing you say to your spouse is, "has he pooped yet?" instead of the "good morning, I love you"

There were a couple of moments when we thought our little one had constipation, but we learned that it's not really constipation unless it's like rabbit pebbles or extremely hard poo.  Not pooing, but pooing a day or two later is normal if the stool is soft.  When the rabbit pebbles appeared we knew he had constipation.
It seemed the worst between 8-9 months, whereas before it would come and go periodically.
But around this time, the poor little guy would be straining his heart out just to poo to no avail.
We had to resort to suppositories and he did NOT like that.

Some articles that helped:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reflecting Back on the Preggo Days

While Pregnant, I knew I had a choice: be anal and learn everything there was to ensure a "perfect" pregnancy or just enjoy the ride. I chose the latter where I just read a few books and snuck in Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs for kicks just to get myself mentally prepared. Of course, we also took classes but I knew I wasn't going to remember everything. I figured I was going to be way stressed when the baby arrives so no point stressing myself out beforehand. Reflecting back, I must say that I'm glad I took a relaxed approach to enjoying my pregnancy. There were moments where I wasn't sure about something and I would troubleshoot by googling or looking it up in the book. Google became my best friend. It's amazing when you look up something such as "Pregnancy Groin Pain" and you find a lot of other pregnant women claiming the same ache. The best was when someone had put it as "it's like someone punched me in the crotch!" I laughed so hard I almost gave birth, and yet took comfort knowing I wasn't the only one suffering.
Surprisingly, my first trimester wasn't too traumatizing. I guess I imagined the worse where all I kept visualizing was my head in the toilet. It only happened a few times, most of the time I was just nauseas. And like everyone says, second trimester is THE BEST. I could eat again and had a bit more energy. We took this time to go vacation in Ireland. Even though we've travelled quite extensively, I still felt compelled to have one more holiday. In hindsight, I should have found a place that didn't require 14 hours on a plane. That was PAINFUL but the holiday itself was fantastic. Third trimester is where the waddle came in and where I had to completely replace my wardrobe with maternity clothes. This is also when the daily karate workout happened and baby daddy got to feel it too! Nearing the end, I dreaded what every pregnant woman dreaded - the impending labor. I was terrified of the pain that was to come. You get so big, you just can't imagine how it's even possible to come out. I didn't see any way out of escaping the marathon required for the labor and the pain that was to ensue. I figured if I delivered naturally, I would tear. And if I couldn't then I would suffer from the c-section surgery pain. What a cruel joke to woman.
What I will say is this - Yes, labor is as painful and horrendous as you are imagining it if you happen to be pregnant. Pretty close to "exorcist" for some. But dont worry, once your little one arrives, it's a whole new ballgame and yes, labor will seem like a piece of cake. But don't fret, it does have it rewards, just like everyone says and I concur.
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